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Relax and know your memorial service will go smoothly

Have you ever attended a funeral or memorial – looking forward to reminiscing about someone’s life; hearing their stories, seeing their many photos with family and friends ... and then when the celebrant introduced the reflection of life slideshow...   


– Maybe the music; didn’t work,

– Maybe it was too soft or too loud?   

– Maybe the photos didn’t load properly,

– Maybe they were someone else’s photos?

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It might look simple and easy, but a lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure an event runs smoothly.

As a funeral director, Andrew's experience helps deliver a professional memorial service. Having conducted hundreds of funeral services, he knows how a professionally run service should look and feel, and can save you and your family the worry and stress that a technical nightmare that a poor Audio Visual (AV) set-up can create.

He will ask the right questions and help you explore different options that could make all the difference – to create the service the way you would like it to be.

AV Items you may require for your special event:
   •   A good microphone for eulogies / speeches,
   •   A solid sound system to ensure music quality,
   •   Home movie clips included in your slideshow.

Celebrants and venue managers often tell us that memorial services can be disappointing due to technical issues or malfunctions.


For instance;
It’s embarrassing to have the celebrant introduce the slideshow, only to leave guests waiting for it to start, or worse, for it not to start at all.  

Plus – interruptions such as slides stopping and starting abruptly or having black screens or gaps between photos (common with some free software) can detract from the experience.

And even if created by well meaning, AV-savvy friends, some slideshow presentations may not work with the equipment at some venues.

Using specialised software to create a seamless transition between slides, accompanied by timed music and varied themes, significantly enhances the overall look and feel of the service for your guests.

Inadequate audio levels or disruptive feedback noises can make guests uncomfortable.

Regularly monitoring and adjusting the microphone levels for different presenters will ensure they are clearly heard by the audience.

Everything is pre-tested by Andrew, well before the memorial to make sure it all works.

It’s worth considering:
•    Does your family want the responsibility of setting up and running the AV system?
•    Will you be able to relax and know the service will go according to plan?
•    Do you or your family members have the time and energy to create a professional looking visual slideshow display?
•    Can you rely on the venue to run the AV for you? (they may not do that), or
•    Will the venue manager be comfortable with you running their AV equipment?

Email Andrew or phone on M: 0490 603 344 for an obligation-free chat.

Click the Pdf or the link to download all information A/A plus prices.

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