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Resources for funerals

Forms to download

If you are unable to meet with us directly we may ask you to download a form to email or post to us. You'll find them here.

Coffins and caskets

In almost every case, a coffin or casket will be required in order to cremate or bury someone.

Our coffin room has a selection of the most popular choices, and if you require something completely different, we can order the appropriate item in to ensure that your wishes are met.

View online, or visit us by appointment, to see our range of coffins and caskets including solid timber, Eco-friendly, MDF and more, with a link to the personalised range by Lifestyle Coffins.

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Cremation Urns

Whether you are considering scattering a loved one's ashes, keeping them at home or transporting them overseas, we can help.


Along with a very extensive range of scatter tubes, urns and cremation jewellery, we now have our very unique bespoke range made by Julie.


Please view our Urns page to see urns we stock and the catalogue link to find plenty of others which can be ordered for you.

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Floral Tributes

It is traditional to include flowers or floral tributes at a funeral service. This may be as simple as providing fresh flowers from your garden, with a simple flower being placed by loved ones on the coffin – or perhaps a more elaborate coffin sheaf or bouquet provided by a florist.


If you’d like us to organise flowers for the service, we can certainly order your preferred arrangement from our affiliate florists who create beautiful floral tributes in a wide range of options. Please see our florist's selection of floral tributes here.

Donations in lieu of flowers

We can also arrange for donations to be made to a charity in lieu of flowers.

Whatever your requirements, we are happy to assist and will discuss this at the funeral arrangement meeting.

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Video Filming and Live Streaming


We work with professionals who provide filming of the Funeral Ceremony, discreetly capturing the service as well as streaming this footage over the internet.  


As well as capturing the service, the main camera will be streaming the footage in HD quality & audio over the internet, this enables family and friends who are unable to attend, to participate from wherever they are in the world – either on a computer or smart phone.  

Our trusted colleagues at BJV provide printed and audio-visual media. For a very reasonable fee, a professional presentation of your loved one's life and memories can be created from your photos and chosen songs to be displayed at the service. 

Funeral Booklets, Bookmarks and Santini Prayer Cards


If Order of Service Booklets are required for the funeral you are planning, we will refer you to work with Belinda Jane Video.

BJV 4 Page Orders of Service start from $3 each for ≥ 50.  They are printed on 256GSM quality white paper & folded and delivered ready for the Service.

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