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Environmental, composite, timber or personalised

Coffins and Caskets

Selecting the right coffin or casket for a loved one is often a difficult task. As with the funeral arrangement and service, we will help you make an informed decision about which coffin or casket is best for your loved one.

Our solid timber and composite coffins and caskets in stock are made in Melbourne. All have six handles and most are available in various colours.


There are many varied designs available, if you require a coffin or casket not shown below, please let us know – we can certainly order in specific colours or any designs to suit your requirements, including more elaborate caskets for mausoleum interments and/or split lid caskets suitable for chapel viewings.

Most items shown here are available for viewing at our McCrae office.

Eco-friendly coffins and caskets

Whilst burials and cremations both have a significant affect on the environment, we are pleased to offer a variety of choices for those who wish to leave a smaller ecological footprint on the world.

Mornington Peninsula Funerals wicker coffin
The Wicker

An environmental coffin option; handwoven wicker, calico lining, rope handles


Pandanas with flowers.png
The Pandanas

Another environmental coffin option; constructed from pandanus leaves with a  calico lining and rope handles


Natural Legacy.png
Enviro 3.png
Natural Legacy

Made using 100% Pure New Wool, Natural Legacy’s more rounded shape is carefully hand fitted around a strong recycled cardboard frame and delicately finished with natural cotton details.


The Enviro

Made in Australia from sustainable resources; pine, beeswax glue, calico lining, rope handles



Solid timber coffins

Mornington Peninsula Funerals Seaspray coffin
The Seaspray

Single raised lid solid timber coffin available in various colours


Mornington Peninsula Funerals Shoreham coffin
The Shoreham

Double raised lid solid timber coffin



Mornington Peninsula Funerals Red Hill coffin
The Red Hill

Single raised lid solid timber coffin


Solid timber and steel caskets

Solid pine Casket
The Blonde Casket

Solid pine casket



Rosewood solid timber casket
The William Casket

Rosewood solid timber casket



Steel casket.png
The Steel Casket

18GA Steel casket,

champagne colour.



Mahogony casket.png
The Mahogany Casket

Solid mahogany casket.

Made in Italy.



Composite board coffins

Mornington Peninsula Funerals Nepean coffin
The Nepean

Mornington Peninsula Funerals most affordable coffin



Sapelle Bass coffin Mornington Peninsula Funerals
The Sapelle Bass

Double raised lid MDF coffin



Flinders Walnut coffin Mornington Peninsula Funerals
The Flinders Walnut

A flat lid MDF coffin available in various colours


Mornington Peninsula Funerals Coburn coffin
The Coburn

Single raised lid MDF coffin


Mornington Peninsula Funerals Flinders Rosewood coffin
The Flinders Rosewood

A flat lid MDF coffin



Personalised coffins

Lifestyle Coffins allow families to truly personalise the entire funeral for their loved one. Choose from floral, nature, sport, animals, flags and many more designs @ $1995 or have your own personalised coffin created with cherished photos of your loved one’s life.


The coffins are composite board wrapped with PVC FREE film.

Lifestyle Coffins | MP Funerals
Lifestyle Coffins | MP Funerals
Personalised Coffins | MP Funerals
Personalised Coffins | MP Funerals