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1. Ben Longmire – Friday 27th May 2022

Ben Longmire.jpeg

Ben Longmire


A Celebration of Life service for the Late Mr Benjamin Longmire will be held at 11am on Friday 27th May 2022 on the Mornington Peninsula.

Registration is required to attend funeral service

As seating at the venue is limited, we ask that those wishing to attend Ben's funeral please register below. Once you have registered, information regarding venue will be available.

Messages of Condolence

If you wish to leave a message of condolence for Ben's family, please use the Condolence forms below.

Live Streaming

Click here for the live stream link for Ben's service. It will be active from 11am Friday 27th May until Monday 27th June.

Register to attend

Thank you for registering.Ben's funeralwill be held at: Safety Beach Sailing Club185 Marine Dr, Safety Beach, Victoriaon Friday 27th May at 11am.

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