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Simple and respectful

No-Ceremony Funerals

We arrange and conduct simple 'direct' burials and cremations for just $3300.

Our No-Ceremony Burial or Cremation service fee of $3300 includes:

  • Transportation of your loved one into our care,

  • Meeting with you at your home, our office or via zoom,

  • Mortuary care including dressing and preparation for burial or cremation,

  • Burial / Cremation Coffin,

  • Preparation and lodgement of all necessary documentation,

  • Registration of death with Dept. Births, Deaths & Marriages,

  • Our staff transport your loved one to your chosen cemetery or crematorium in our hearse.

N.B. Specific information regarding:

No Ceremony – 'Direct' Cremations

In addition to all of the above, our No Ceremony cremation service includes:

  • Cremation authority by medical officer,

  • Cremation fee,

  • Cremated remains delivered to you.

  • Complimentary transfer of cremated remains to your chosen urn if required.

For your peace of mind: We only ever work in affiliation with Victorian State regulated crematoriums.

N.B. Specific information regarding:

For No Ceremony – 'Direct' Burials

Cemetery fees including burial plot and interment charges are extra and vary depending upon which cemetery you choose.


Please contact your preferred cemetery management to enquire about their up to date fees.

Extra fees may be required in the following circumstances

  • Oversized coffin Size #1 +$250, Size #2 $400

  • Extra travel fees for collection of deceased person and/or delivery of cremated remains if > 100 kms from Dromana = POA​

  • Extra travel fees to cemeteries if > 100 kms from Dromana = POA​

An option to say "Good-bye" safely

Some families choose a No Attendance / No Ceremony or ‘Direct’ cremation or burial for their loved one – thinking that you will hold a Memorial later on, but never get the opportunity to do so and many grieving people have remarked that they still “don’t have closure”.

Our Small Family Farewells option offers many inclusions to help people deal with their loss and say their good-byes while staying safe.

Memorial Services | MP Funerals |

Memorial Services

Whilst we design each funeral service to meet individual needs, a memorial after cremation or burial can offer even wider options for creating a memorable farewell for a loved one.

Because a coffin is not present at a memorial service, families can arrange for the service to take place in a greater variety of locations, such as:

  • your family home

  • a beach or park

  • your loved one's favourite restaurant,

  • or other place of personal or family significance.

We can also assist with committal of cremated remains at sea.

Please call us today to discuss how we can assist you to create a beautiful memorial service for your loved one.

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