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Mornington Peninsula Funerals | INFORMATION REQUIRED for Dept. of Births, Deaths and Marriages |

Required documents & applications

Forms to Download


for Dept. of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Prior to meeting with your funeral planner, it is helpful to document the legal information that we require in order to register the passing.

Please download the BDM Pdf form, then bring it to your arrangement meeting or email to us.

If you are unable to print the document, please fill in the mail request below to have the form posted to you.

Our PP–BDM form allows you to document your genealogy details well ahead of time.

This can save your Next Of Kin time (and perhaps stress) later on.

When you fill out the Pre-planning BDM form; PP–BDM please place it with your important documents and perhaps provide a copy to your NOK as well.


for burial and cremation

Please note: If the funeral arrangement meeting is to be in person, there is no need for you to download the documents below...


At the time of arrangement, we will provide the document and ask you to sign for either the cremation or burial of your loved one.


If the meeting is to be online, we will request that you sign the applicable document and mail or email to us prior to the funeral.

Download the Forms

Please note: The forms below are only required to be downloaded and returned to us if you are not able to meet with us in person.


If you are unable to meet with us, and unable to print the document, please provide your mailing address below and we will mail it to you with a prepaid addressed return envelope.

Cremation Authorisation.

Burial Authorisation.

Receive the forms by mail
Which form(s) you require to be mailed to you

Thank you, we have received your message and will be in touch very soon.

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