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Helping children deal with a death

On 2nd July 2020 we had the honour of conducting a funeral for Mr Len Williams of McCrae.

Len's devoted wife Rosemary was so impressed with the elegant coffin, beautiful floral tribute and perfect seaside venue that she asked us to put a photo and story on our website and social media platform as a tribute to Len. It made sense to discuss Rosemary's story here, as we believe it may serve to help others going through a similar experience.

Whilst she wanted to provide the best possible send off for her darling Len, Rosemary was keenly aware of the impact that death, and a subsequent funeral, would have on her two grandsons aged 7 and 9 years.

Even under Covid-19 restrictions and with a very tight timeline, everything – and everyone – came together on the day.

The service – held at the newly renovated Safety Beach Sailing Club – was uplifting, despite the sad occasion. Rosemary, her brother and her daughter all delivered eulogies with a focus on celebration rather than loss.

An abundance of memorabilia from Len's 94 years adorned the front table, providing a sense of normality for the family and paying homage to a man who'd had a very rich and full life. The spectacular coastal and bay views created the perfect backdrop, and helped the boys to become accustomed to having a coffin in the room. Once acclimatised, they were comfortable enough to approach the open coffin and ended up spending quite some time chatting to Len.

In pre-Covid times, it would have been a much larger gathering for sure but maybe the restrictions worked in our favour that day, as the smaller group of attendees at this funeral created a more intimate and less daunting atmosphere for these two brave boys to learn about loss and come through the experience with such a healthy outcome.

Rosemary has since followed up with expressions of gratitude during visits to our office to let us know how she, and her family are travelling. On reflection, we consider that Rosemary has herself benefited from this experience. It's true that 'We reap what we sow' ... in placing her focus so firmly on helping others, Rosemary avoided being bogged down by her grief. She is now looking to donate her time to help others by volunteering at a local op shop.

It's been our privilege to get to know this lovely lady and to assist her at this time.

Thank you Rosemary – for trusting us to care for your beloved husband.


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