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The best defence

When it comes to health care, many people wait until they get sick, then seek a cure. They beat a path to the door of the local doctor, specialist and/or hospital. The path less traveled is signposted with myriad messages suggesting ways to boost your immune system – which is one of our best allies for health:

  • choosing to be optimistic about the future,

  • thinking and speaking only positive messages to ourselves and others,

  • boosting / spreading happiness,

  • exercise / deep breathing,

  • maintaining loving relationships,

  • helping others,

  • avoiding anger / laying blame,

  • spending time with positive, uplifting people,

  • possibility thinking / what could go 'right' instead of what could go 'wrong',

  • gratitude – list 5 things each day that you're grateful for,

  • meditation / guided visualisation,

  • yoga and spiritual practice,

  • finding the silver lining – it's always there! It may not be evident right away, but seek and ye shall find...

  • self love, self care, boosting self esteem.

In 1985, when handed a prognosis of 'you have just two years to live', my Dad was fortunate enough to, at the same time, be given Ian Gawler's book; 'You can conquer cancer'. He was also able to attend Ian's lectures and meditation group. Dad's attitude toward his illness became less victim orientated and more positive. He focused on living not dying. He grew his own veggies, caught rain water to drink instead of the chemical filled tap water. He turned off the news, turned on the meditation tapes. He and Mum became vegetarian. They took mini holidays between treatments – yes he still had conventional treatment but also embraced what was then considered by many to be 'New Age' thinking. (It's wasn't really 'New Age' thinking... if you check the library, you'll find positive psychology style books written more than 100 years ago.) Dad's choices helped us all. Instead of becoming a sad, frightened, terminally ill patient, he became a valiant crusader. His attitude inspired me so much that I spent the next 10 years researching positive psychology. Then I wrote a book for children titled A for Attitude to help them learn – from an early age – that their attitude is one of the only things they can control in life, and one of most important things they need to help them live a productive, healthy life. So in light of our current so called crisis, please consider what you can do, for yourself and any children in your life, to focus on boosting your immune system. Your best defence.


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