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A truly fabulous farewell

Julie called us in September 2021 to make an enquiry.

Loving sister prepares for funeral

Her sister was in palliative care and Julie could barely talk about what was to come. She asked about our services, and what she would need to organise for a burial some time down the track. Julie declined our offer to meet with her to discuss arrangements.

Over the next few months, she called us from time to time to let us know how her sister Arin was, and asked a few more questions in the process.


After many months of phone contact, Julie came to see us in February. She had come much closer to accepting that her beloved sister was about to pass on and she had become far more able to discuss that.

Arin passed away on 22/2/22.

Julie dressing her sister's coffin in MPFunerals office

Julie came into our Dromana office a couple of days later to dress Arin's casket.

She had turned her grief into action and was determined to give her sister, who she affectionately called 'Minnie' the 'best ever celebration of life.'

Our philosophy is that every funeral we conduct should be positively memorable for the family and friends left behind. We create unique funerals and truly fabulous farewells and assist families to choose a venue that best suits their loved one and in this case, whilst Julie chose to hold the funeral at Bunurong, she certainly made it one to remember...

The funeral was amazing. Julie and her family carried Arin's casket to the grave site and proceeded to give 'Minnie' a very fabulous farewell... and everyone present had to wear Minnie mouse ears. Even the Bunurong staff member was 'instructed' to join in.


There was music and dancing, soap bubbles, sadness and laughter and it was certainly no ordinary funeral!


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