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Final farewells

We hope that you and your family are all keeping well during this difficult time.

In the current health crisis, with the requirement for social distancing robbing many people of the opportunity to visit their elderly family members in their homes or at hospital, many people may miss out on being able to say their personal farewells. We would like to let you know that our practice of offering viewings in our Dromana premises is still available and may be a welcome choice for families who lose loved ones. This option has always been available with us, even with a 'No-service' cremation or burial, and many families have valued this opportunity. There is no extra charge for this service when a funeral service is planned, but in the case of No-service cremations, an extra fee will apply to cover our costs to fully prepare your loved one for viewing, including coffin upgrade. Now, more than ever, this practice can provide additional benefit to those grieving.

Please feel free to call us at any time for assistance.


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