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Why plan ahead?

It’s an uncomfortable truth, but we will all pass away at some point.

In the past, talking about death and dying was somewhat taboo. Those who were terminally ill in my family or neighbourhood were spoken of in hushed tones. And as a child, I was not taken to funerals until well into my teen years.

Then during my nurse training days at Prince Henry’s Hospital, I recall the scenes on the ward when a death had occurred. All patients in the immediate vicinity of the deceased had their bed screens pulled around, ward doors were closed and the departed person was discretely collected, then taken, via the backdoor, to the funeral home.

Just last week, while visiting some modern, well-appointed aged care facilities in our local area, I discovered that; thankfully, things have changed for the better.  Those who pass away in most homes today, are now afforded a more dignified and inclusive farewell. Staff create a guard of honour, and other residents are encouraged to farewell their friend as he or she leaves – by the front door.

So now that we, as a community, are more willing and able to discuss the topic of our final farewell, let’s do that.

Planning ahead for this makes sense as it allows you to have a say in everything; from what songs are played at your funeral, to what happens to your body when you’ve gone, and any other specific details you wish to include.  Letting your family know what you want to happen can really help them through a difficult time, so think about it as an act of love for the people you care about.

They are dealing with grief, while at the same time having to take care of important matters such as legalities required by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.  Next of kin will also be asked to provide facts and stories about your life but may be so overcome with emotion that they have trouble thinking clearly and recollecting family history.

Our Pre-planning guide is designed to help with that and if you would like to receive one of these in the mail, we invite you to email us at to arrange that.  We are also available to talk at a time that suits you best on 5982 0086.



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